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Anyone used it ?

It's terrific.

When you first download it, you have the option of a free 30-day trial,
and I'm really impressed. I'll probably sign up for it next time I need
it. (Note that it does use airtime -- It'll use a minute or two to get
the route, then hang up. It'll only reconnect if you miss a turn, or if
you ask it to pull up a map. If you also have the $15/month "VPack" of
some other services, then airtime isn't charged for it.)

While I was impressed by it, I didn't see where I'd really need it. I
really don't go to many unfamiliar places in my car. That is, until my
flight got canceled, and I needed to rent a car to get home. I had *no*
idea where I was going around the New York City area, so I fired up the
VZ Navigator.

It was great. It gave me perfect directions, and an accurate ETA once I
got up to highway speed. And I had no trouble hearing the voice
directions in the car. (I have an LG VX8300.) I'm very, very impressed
with it.