Motorola Verizon V3M

Please any help will be accepted:

Is there anyway of bypassing the WMA security so i can play music fvrom
my computer onto the v3m???

Please list programs, and information,

and how can i use my own .jpg for wallpapers, and sending my own PIXS
and FLIXS...

I don't want to pay another service for my own service of manually
opening the SD card and exchanging and uploading/downloading files back
and forth all day.

I've got a V3M and a 1 GB transcard.... I got this phone mainly so i
can don't have to buy an Ipod This cell can be my all in one ipod

any tricks will be extremely helpful

I have insurance so im going to break this phone in about a couple
hours so they can give me another on im really pissed at this phone,
to hell with closed markets APPLE AND VERIZON DELL -- Burn In Hell :)