Re: Verizon Voice Message problems

On 17 Mar 2006 10:23:49 -0800, bear_heart91@xxxxxxxxx wrote:

Hi, I am having problems sending and receiving voice messages. When I
try to reply to a voice message in my box it doesn't work. The messages
are returned back to me as undelivered. Why is this? I have never had a
problem until a few days ago.

Before when I hit reply I would get the name of the person I am sending
the message to. Now all I get is the recording of their number and not
their name. And the message is never delivered.

When I try to reply to a message that was sent while my phone is off,
sending a message isn't even an option. It says that I can not send a
message to an unregistered user and this is to another Verizon customer
so they are definitely a registered Verizon user.

Is anyone else having problems?
I have been also having problems with Verizon voice mail, although
different than yours.

It started about 2 weeks ago, and the problem is that voice mail does not
pick up, either from my cell phone, or incoming calls. Last week it was
about 100% of the time, this week its about 30-50% of the time. Sometimes
it rings 5 times, goes click, and then nothing, sometimes an error message
saying service I want is unavailable, sometimes rings 10 times and then
does pick up, but by then caller has given up.

Talked to Verizon (many times) which did nothing but raise my blood
pressure. Last week they said they would look at it, and I got a call back
saying they could not find anything and to take my phone to a Verizon store
to have it checked out. I did, and the reps in the store thought that was
about as useless an excerise as I did - WTF does my phone have to do with
voice mail picking up an external call?

This week I tried talking to them again, and its like talking to a bunch of
retards. They can't seem to understand that calling my phone to duplicate
the problem might be the start of a way to fix the problem, and they
continue to insist that voice is fine.

Since I'm no longer under contact, I'm beginning to think that switching
carriers might be the solution to get reliable voice mail again.

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