Re: Verizon to offer broadcast TV over cell phones

On Fri, 02 Dec 2005 08:50:34 -0500, Larry <noone@xxxxxxxx> wrote:

>The Ghost of General Lee <ghost@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in
>> Maybe when they dredge his stupid ass out of the river, the images
>> will still be in the phone so we can submit him for a Darwin Award.
>What pisses me off is when they DO dredge him out of the river, there
>will be every politician in Columbia watching how dangerous it is to talk
>and drive and SC will end up with some stupid overreaction that says you
>must be indoors, sitting down, to use a cellphone. Knowing Columbia's
>combined intelligence level, you won't be able to walk and talk on the
>sidewalk, either.

That must be why I prefaced my original comments with:

>Well, expect more cell phone regulation.