Re: Can't get high speed data in Atlanta with a Motorola q9h 3G smartphone

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I recently bought a Motorola q9h 3G smartphone.  AT&T required me to
buy the $30 PDA internet plan rather than the $15 media net plan.  The
telephone works perfectly for voice but is totally un-acceptable for
data, expecially video.

When I browse the internet, the phone goes into the EDGE mode when it
should go into the HSPA mode.  I could live with the EDGE speed even
though I am paying for the HSPA speed, if EDGE worked the way it
should.  After 3 days of trying to run internet videos I have not been
able to play more than 2 or 3 minutes of any video, including the ones
with links on the media net home page.  Sometimes the video will start
playing and play for a few seconds or few minutes and stop.  After
several seconds I will get the message "Alert - a network error has
occurred."  At other times the video does not even start and I get
either the message "the server is busy and not responding - try again
later" or "coud not establish a network connection - please check your
connection settings."

I have talked to Tech Support every day since I received the phone and
none of them have any idea why I am having this trouble, although two
of them admitted they were have having some network problems in the
area.  I have tried the phone from Atlanta to Macon and had the
problems every where I tried.

Since AT&T has been promoting the 3G Iphone as being 2 or 3 times
faster than the 2G Iphones, I wonder if any of the new 3G users are
seeing the promised higher speeds.

On the outside chance that I could have a bad phone I am going to
request a replacement phone tomorrow.  If that phone has the same
problems I plan to switch back to my old dumb phone.
G.M. Durrence
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3G is spotty in NW ATL suburbs. When you have it, it is great. I pick
places I know that have solid 3G coverage to eat at so I can browse
with the iPhone.
I have seen the video problems you describe on AT&T and on Verizon.

I get 3G solidly where I live in Northeast Atlanta when I am on voice.
It is data that I have trouble with.
G.M. Durrence
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