Get a ticket, get a free gadget

Get a ticket, get a free gadget

Check out and see the post(s) regarding, if you get
a ticket for using a cell phone while driving Plantronics will give you a
free bluetooth headset (for a limited time). The headset is worth over a
$100 and the ticket is reportedly only $20, you actually can benefit from
Plantroincs is trying to boost awareness of safe and careful driving using
their products. I hope no one gets a ticket, but if you do, I do hope you
can benefit from this offer. Check out for updates
to this and other free for alls and great deals.

I love this site and love sharing the wealth!!!!

If the listing isn't displayed on the first page use the calendar for
yesterdays date (6/30) to find or
do a search on the word "Plantronics"