Re: CHARTER of alt.cellular.cingular

On 04 Feb 2008 18:04:22 -0600, t@xxxxxxxxx (Todd H.) wrote in

John Navas <spamfilter1@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> writes:

Request noted, and will be given careful consideration, especially if
I see you being evenhanded about this.

I am.

I must be missing that. Examples?

If 2 weeks is a usenet standard for FAQ posting, it is rather
antiquated that in the days of google and web sites seems to be an

See below.

Of all the groups I read, these are the only ones where FAQ's/charters
are posted anywhere near this frequency.

Indeed -- most groups are on autopilot these days, with fewer and fewer
people on board.

I think there's an annoying megapost that's made but I dont'
see it nearly as much as I see the cingular charter.

Perhaps a better tack these days, particularly from a frequent
contributor as yourself, is to let a link in a .sig do its work and
post the charter monthly at most.

The problem with monthly is that many news servers and clients are set
to a shorter expiration than that, and my participation isn't all that
regular of late. Hence the biweekly frequency

Is this tiny traffic really so annoying to you? More than all the crap
that gets posted here? Why? Why not just filter it out if you can't
ignore it? Seriously.

John Navas <>