Re: Cingular vs Tmobile

Scott wrote:

So, you want me to have the CDMA users in Baton Rouge send you a notarized document telling you that as soon as the contract is up they are bailing?

What do contracts have to do with battery life or superior reception? You should really start reading the entire post in context before jumping down my throat- this is the second time this weekend that you have either misrepresented or misread a post.

Or you should shoot for comprehension. What the contract in this case has to do with it is that if you battery life and reception suck pond scum, as soon as your contract is up you'll be leaving that carrier for another one. I didn't misread that you want documented proof that one carrier is better than another. That's not going to happen.

Get real.

I'm very real- I don't partake of the Navas kool-aid like some of you seem to be.

I go by personal experience and what I experience from others and in my area of Louisiana BellSouth/Cingular can not be touched for coverage.

Not what is being discussed. Try again.


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