Re: Using Cingular 2125 as USB modem with Laptop...

John seems good-willed just unfortunately misinformed..... I did come
here to get in an argument, I came here to find a solution... I found
one and posted the response....

John incorrectly assumed (and stated as fact) that I was not asking
Cingular the right question and that Cingular wasn't responsible to
provide me with support for a service I wasn't paying for.... When in
fact I was and John just had no clue about what was all covered under
the SmartPhone data connect... To be fair how could he, the Cingular
website does a poor job of explaining.

John also lashed out for my demand for Cingular to support the phone
(their phone in this case) and for my venting over Cingular not being
able to provide support for a service he claimed I wasn't paying

I don't fly off the handle easy.... I don't go trying to pick a fight
with big corporations... However, I'm not afraid to threaten a lawsuit
when there is a case. When justified I seek compensation for damamges
due and I have never lost a battle (have once twice before, once with
the power company when they wrongfully shut off my power, I've never
had to have one go to court either, they always settle when they know
they're made a mistake and in this case I really think they have.

The problem may have been that I got two support staff who were just
not qualified, maybe it was my unlucky night... Regardless, I paid for
the phone (around $280 out of pocket) technical support is included
with the phone, this is stated in the QuickStart guide... I've been a
Cingular customer for years.... the day before I purchased the phone, I
added the SmartPhone unlimited data connect to the phone and it was
explained to me that this covered laptop internet connectivity by the
sells rep.... He was right, but Cingular failed to provide support for
this service.

I don't understand why John seems to be defending Cingular and
attacking me. I've only lashed back at him because he's providing
incorrect information.

DecaturTxCowboy wrote:
Now see, here's where you're making your mistake. you are adding too
many variables to the argument which only leaves more room for Navas to
back pedal.

I think you pretty much had the last word *on that it works* when you
said you can dial up AOL's number and connect.


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