Re: 50% clause in terms of service contract with Cingular

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You know that..I know that...and perhaps the sales person know that
a moot point as the sales person isn't going ditch a sale), but the
customer will certainly know that after 3 months (the three
billing cycle clause for over 50% off network use) and three months
way past the two week mandated trial period.

So what happens? [fill in the blanks]
Thanks SMS...*THAT* certianly anser the question!


"Those customers who must find an alternative carrier will be released
from their contract immediately and will not incur any penalties."

First, no cost incurred by a company is 'transparent' toits customers.
It is
built into the prices that company charges you for their
product/service (or
they have some real dumb asses in management!).

I also wonder if they are willing to 'unlock' those phones they are
the customers they care so much about keep?

If the customer paid for the phone, then they should be refunding the
price, plus any activation fee.

Cingular refunded the price of my phone but declined to refund my
activation fees. The rep told me that they would not charge me a
termination fee. Bless their hearts,since THEY terminated my contract .

Just out of curiosity, how much was remaining on the current contract?