Re: Article re CELCOs clamping down on 'unlimited'

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John Navas wrote:
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Well, at least most Cingular customers won't have to worry about being
cut-off for 3G data use since so little of the country is covered in 3G
There's actually good UMTS/HSDPA coverage in several major areas, in
addition to widespread EGPRS(EDGE) coverage.

Spoken like a true Cingular sycophant. Just look at the nationwide
map. How much is covered in UMTS/HSDPA? Maybe 5%? Coverage may be
great in that 5%, but that is not what I am referring to. I don't
dispute EDGE coverage, but that is not 3G in the opinion of the
majority. See map below for Cingular's 3G coverage area. (It's those
few blue spots - if you are not colorblind).

Analysts are constantly citing the vast difference in 3G coverage levels between Verizon and Sprint, and Cingular.

You can see a summary of the areas covered by each carrier at "";

EDGE is not included in the Cingular coverage list, since technically it is not 3G.