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Marty wrote:
Most people, though, don't care, and when it works, that's all they care
about. No problem with that

Its disturbing to say the least when you don't know the process what
fixed it, If the new card works, I put the "bad" one back in and see if
the problem reoccurs, but then...a simple reseating the card or whatever
fixed it.

(but what I hate are people who "fix"
something, and when you ask them what they did, they just fiddled with it,
and it started working). :)

I'll tell a customer:

1) I couldn't find what was wrong, because I couldn't duplicate the
problem, but made some changes that might prevent it in the future.
2) I couldn't duplicate the problem, but I know there must be a problem,
otherwise you wouldn't have called me.
3) I could find a problem, but moved that phone to another desk. Let me
know if that person begins to have problems or if you still have problems.

Admitting what you could or couldn't do usually gives confidence to the
customer if presented the right way.

I agree that honesty is the best policy - and it's usually easier. I was
thinking more of non-technical people who say they fixed something when they
know nothing about what they're doing, and don't really know the difference
between "fixed" and "problem went away". :-)

Disclaimer - This does not apply to people living in the San Francisco
Bay area as nothing ever goes wrong for them.

I live in the Bay Area. We have the same experiences, but my definition of
right and wrong is just different. Wrong can just be an opportunity to
expand my knowledge about something; a bump in the road. But it can be a
drag when there are too many bumps at one time. :)

Marty - public.forums (at) gmail (dot) com
"Those are my principles, and if you don't like them...
well, I have others." - Groucho Marx

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