Re: FFMR meaning?

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Last night I made a test. I called my wife's phone (in the same room).
This morning I find the same two entries in the billing record for that
call. Roaming cannot be the answer.

Ernie -

You are not grasping what I am saying. With the plan that you are on now it
is possible that you are "roaming" (ie - using another companies towers)
without being charged for it.

I hear you Cliff, I'm just not buying it.

The FFMR _only_ shows up against incoming family to family (mobile to
mobile) calls, *never* to incoming (or outgoing) non-mobile calls, even
though the phone is in the same location for both types of calls.

My mobile to mobile calls can't _all_ be using other companies towers,
while landline to mobile or mobile to landline calls _never_ use other
companies towers. Also, I know where the cellsight is that I use from
my home, I can see it out my back window on top of the SBC building
about a mile away.


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