Re: Tethered Data Connection Plans

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>> MediaNet Unlimited is $19.99 and prohibits tethering.
>Read what the legal terms actually say.

MEdia Net packages are not intended for tethering. Cingular reserves
the right to remove customers from MEdia Net packages for the use of
a wireless device as an interface to other devices or networks, as
determined by Cingular, including but not limited to device

>It doesn't really matter if you had MediNet prior to the addition of the
>legalese regarding tethering, Cingular can still remove you from the
>plan for any reason.

Actually it does matter, because Cingular can't make a significant change to
the terms without letting you out of your subscriber agreement without

>If you don't like it, you can sue them, but of
>course you can't, because you have to go to arbitration.

It may be possible to have that clause set aside by a court.

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