(OT) Why Is Congress So Partisan?

Interesting opinion:

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"Preoccupation with partisanship and political calculation erodes
Congress' role as a deliberative body; "debate" these days is generally
two sets of talking points hammering at each other, rather than a
genuine effort to reach consensus on the best course for the American
people to follow."

"The sad truth, though, is that the electorate, too, is divided, which
manifests itself at the moment in a Congress that is narrowly controlled
by one party and faces a President of the other. Over the last decade,
each party has been struggling to become the majority party, and so
every vote on Capitol Hill has taken on heavily partisan implications,
since the leadership hopes that by taking the position it does ? and
forcefully encouraging rank-and-file members to go along ? it will pick
up a few extra seats at the next election. This invites partisan


The above 2 paragraphs struck me more in its observation. Especially the
first because that is what's going on currently. The second, encouraging
rank and file members to go along, erodes the individuality of members
that may actually want to be fair & neutral but can't because they have
to keep their mouth shut & play along with their party even though they
may disagree. This is where I see men like Marco Rubio being pressured
to be *more* partisan because it's what the *big* boys in the party want
and it pressures him to play along.

Mr. Smith goes to Washington says a lot eh?...........;0)