(OT) Romneycare = Obamacare (The spin begins)

Yes I know I got a screw loose. I been sitting here watching Al Sharpton
on MSNBC being *ON* message for the campaign & equating Romneycare with
Obamacare. Telling sad stories, talking about firefighters with no
insurance because they are seasonal temp type deals & so on. Than he
went on to bash the Tea Party saying how violant they were or are and
how Republicans are *ANGRY*......& so on.

I dunno, this does not look good for Romney from what I'm seeing. While
I know sides will take sides & leaning media will do what they have to
for their candidate choice but it's just so dissappointing that all the
motives are obvious 7 their is no *real* neutral substance anymore.

Now don't get more wrong I do have compassion for the issue but this is
all becoming one stinkfest on both sides. I sort of equate this upcoming
election to Egypt's latest election when they polled Egyptians and they
said they really didn't like either candidates and it's the lesser of 2
evils who they vote for.