(OT) New election issue ( I mean manipulation)?

I'm sitting here watching Rachel Maddow (Sean Hannity with tits) and
she's doing a segment on the *backlog* of 1 million Vets waiting on
their disability claims to go through & how a Democrat Senator (Filner)
is frustrated with the progress. She interviewed Filner and he seemed
fair explaining it but of course her oozing sarcasm seemed to point to
*other* forces in the way of this without actually saying it's the
Republicans fault. I could be wrong but it sure seemed like it, she was
*fighting* the actual words.......But I did agree with her when she said
that we made a promise to these vets when they put themselves in harms
way and that this should not be a partisan issue.

Now me personally, I didn't like the idea of a long standing war
(especially 2) to be honest, we didn't really need another monetary
strain on our system for the next 60 years, but I remember all the anti-
war hoo ha coming from this adminitration & what was the right war &
wrong war rhetoric during the last campaign, and now they are
complaining about something that is happening under a Democrat
administration (Bob Filner-D California, Veterans Affairs Committee)?
Doesn't it seem like they are admitting *failure* on something under
this administration?

How about an EXECUTIVE order on this isuue Mr. Obama? Where's Joe Bidens
raging rhetoric on this issue eh? Maddow claimed it seemed like this
issue wasn't important enough to pay attention to, yes she is right,
paying attention to the fair treatment of illegals breaking the law is
because it GETS VOTES!!!

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