{BS} Thank You, President Obama!

Biden: Romney is a job creator ‘in Singapore, and China [and] India'

Vice President Joe Biden mounted an all-out assault on Mitt Romney's
economic record on Tuesday, accusing him of creating jobs overseas but not
in the United States.

Obama pledges to bring jobs back to US

ATLANTA—Sustaining his attacks on rival Mitt Romney, President Barack
Obama pledged Tuesday to bring back jobs that have moved overseas and
portrayed his challenger as the type of wealthy investor who would
pollute, outsource jobs and take down unions to maximize profits.

Really? What about this?

Obama's Stimulus Creating Green Jobs Overseas

Although Barack Obama and other Democrats touted the $787 billion stimulus
package as a way to create green jobs that would put Americans back to
work, new reports show the spending package has mostly created green jobs
for foreign workers.

U.S. Department of Energy statistics show 79 percent of the $2.1 billion
in stimulus money allocated for wind energy has been paid to foreign

The Spanish company Iberdrola has received $443 million; the Portuguese
company EDP has received $229 million; and the British company Terra
Firma, which bought a large wind farm in western Pennsylvania, received
$42 million.

Some Rah Rah Obama site tried to say this was misleading, but check where
the figures came from: "US Department of Energy". It comes out to 6,200
jobs: 6,000 overseas, and 200 in the US. And it only cost $1B!

Nice try.