(OT) WOW, a senator telling the truth?

?As long as this issue of immigration is a political ping pong that each
side uses to win elections and influence votes I'm telling you it won't
get solved,? Rubio said.

Of course draw your own conclusions & rely on his *FULL* speech & not
sound bytes. My focus basically for posting purposes was just the
generality of the *above* statement, but by all means draw your own

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R_Neuj66qUY (after 1 minute he speaks
english so don't worry)

Now compare it to Obama's *RALLYING* of the troops persuasion.



But unfortunately the weak minded of this country will continue to fall
for partisan brainwashing hook line & sinker & Rubio will be attacked
from all angles including the leaning media drones lining up for *their*
guy & will hack him to death. His statement is without a doubt in my
mind the ABSOLUTE truth, but again the truth is not something to be
looked at just debated to DEATH.

While Rubio may be an up & coming young senator unfortunately with
statements like this he will not be popular amongst not only his fellows
but the opposite elites as well. Politicians with actual principles are
far & few and eventually hit brick walls with all the elitist nonsense.
Serving in Congress is not a privelage anymore it's about status, image,
attention, ego, a gift to decieve & so on to maintain their positions
for personal gain as well.

Now I'm not putting this guy up on a pedastal because I'm sure he's not
perfect and I have to get to know him a little better on other issues,
but given he has the balls to tell a truth that I'm sure is on the minds
of many *free* thinkers that are frustrated with congress for these very
reasons. If he's approaching things like this for his *own* gain as more
political bullshit well than he will blend in just fine with congress,
just another bunch of say what you want to hear at the right time drones
that rely on weak minded individuals to help pursue the agenda.