Re: Obama's 30% millionaire tax

"Conscience" <> wrote in message

Clearly the president doesn't understand this, or more likely he
understands but rejects the consequences of "great risk can lead to
great rewards (or great losses)".

On the contrary, he does understand it quite well, as do his media

They're all counting on their dupes not checking out the difference
between income tax and capital gains tax rates.

A lie goes around the world five times before the truth gets its boots
on in the morning.

Did you notice how the MSNBC headlined and demonized Apple Computer
over work conditions in China? At the end of their little story they
also mentioned several other US companies, but, their focus was on
because the day before Apple was pronounced the most valuable company
the world replacing an oil company, a favorite for demonization.

The left is pissed because Apple has more liquidity than does the U.S.

It's all about the social justice theme the extreme left like to hang
their hat on around election time. It brings out the guilt ridden movie
stars like MM and that pen guy, Caesars buddy.

But their generosity is always about other people's money. Witness Warren
Buffet's battle with the IRS over $1 Billion he owes them.

If the hypocrite truly thought he was undertaxed, why fight them for
several years over his bill?

Perhaps because Buffet is right and if he does not take the matter to court
the IRS will be back next year and the year after that etc.