Re: How to disable 2002 Sienna daytime running lights?

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Facts are they save lives. It's why there's a law in most states that
motorcycles must have their headlights on at all times. Just an extra
second can save a life.

That's the problem, there is no evidence that they save lives. While
they may reduce certain types of crashes, the side effects of poorly
designed DRLs cause other crashes. After thousands of complaints about
glare, the NHTSA has proposed that the European standard for DRL
brightness be adopted.

The worst thing about the implementation of DRLs is something I witness
on a frequent basis. Driving down the freeway, not only at night, but
often in fog or rain I'll make out the silhouette of a vehicle with no
tail lights on. Almost 100% of the time the vehicle will have their DRLs
on and the driver is blissfully unaware that they have only their
headlights on. The DRLs are bright enough that they mistakenly believe
that their lights are on. At least at night they used to have a clue
because their dash lights would not be on, yet that isn't even the case
any more with many of the LCD instrumentation systems.

It would be trivial for the automakers to include an automated system
that turned DRLs on in clear daylight, and turned on headlights and
taillights in darkness, fog, or rain, and that allowed DRLs to be
temporarily deactivated for the times they are inappropriate.

You raise some excellent points.  I wonder how a fog or rain detector
would work, though?  For rain, I guess... IF (windshield_wipers = ON
for > 1 minute) THEN activate_tail_lights() ?

Fog detector... hmm... I'm out of ideas.  =)

I want to become a target of Occupy <insert name here> with my invention
that turns the lights on when the wipers are on. In my state, this is
required by law -- a new law that most don't know about and the judge gets
to levy huge fines when he enforces the ticket. If the weather is so crappy
that you need your wipers on, then you also need your lights on. I'm
designing a device that when it sees the wopers running, it makes the lights
come on if they are not on already.

I'll become fabulously wealthy on the backs of the little people, both the
consumer and the poor children in China that work in the plant that makes my

Occupy will see me as the devil incarnate and demand I give my stuff away
for free, but all I'm doing is filling a void in the market that did not
exist until government reared its ugly head.

Sadly, I can not make my stuff here because government regulations make the
venture prohibitively expensive, but China is chomping at the bit to get the
contract to churn my stuff out. I cannot hire Americans to build my stuff
because there are just too many regulations imposed by the government.

Isn't it ironic that Occupy sees government as the cure to all that makes us
ill, and I see government as the cancer that causes me to go to the doctor?

I think SMS beat you to the patent xD

Just set up shop in a non-Right To Work State and you're good.  :)

Oh that reminds me!  At the local sporting goods shop, the salesman
said they sold a lot of rifles in October, and he's not sure why.
"For the November elections?" I suggested.  We had a good laugh.  =)

OOPS, set up shop IN a Right To Work State and you're good.

Monday morning. Sorry about that. =)