Re: Toyota Tercel Front Struts!

On Thu, 06 Oct 2011 00:44:07 -0700, larry moe 'n curly wrote:

ByTor wrote:

After reading the responses I think I'll leave it to the pros.......;0)

If it was the warnings that Hachi and Gary gave about the dangers of
spring compressors, I don't blame you. The cheap ones that consist of
a pair of threaded rods with jaws on them can slowly slide sideways
along the spring, sometimes enough to make a jaw suddenly slip off and
send the assembly shooting out. I use 4 of the rods at once. And
while many of those compressors include safety hooks that are supposed
to keep the jaws in place, those hooks are usually just eye bolts that
seem like they can slip off or even bend. So I substitute U-bolts,
which really can't fly off.

This is the only thing *I* have ever used to remove struts:

It BOLTS right on with U bolts, just like you said.

I used two sets, two spring compressors per side!

One of them still slipped, but it can't fly off.