Re: {OT:} How Herman Cain won the Florida straw poll

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>>> The voters thought they were voting for their favorite hemorrhoid >>> cream
>>> or
>>> anti-itch cream. benzocaine, lidocaine, nupercainal...
>> And you say this because?
>> Without *actual* research on Cain I'm not sure I can draw any
>> conclusions yet. While I'm not to comfortable with the idea of him not
>> having experience in the *political* arena, sounds familiar don't it, >> I
>> wouldn't write him off just yet. If one goes by that observation alone
>> than he has the biggest qualification Obama had, and I don't think, >> any
>> actual thinking person, really wants more of that or can be fooled by >> it
>> again.
>> We don't need yet another non-experienced person in the White House. >> But
>> than again the message seems to be clear, people are *tired* of the
>> establishment & these career politicians. But the crux is we want
>> someone with experience but yet not someone *WITH* experience in, as
>> Cain says, more of the same. I would definately keep an eye on this >> man
>> and I sure hope people aren't reacting to him *emotionally* and >> actually
>> *researching* before they spew judgement. They are already calling him
>> the "none of the above" vote. Reminds me of a very funny movie with
>> Richard Pryor, Brewsters Millions.......;0)
> Must have something to do with Cain having Real World experience and > not
> just being an Idealogue....

Corporations are antithetical to democratic institutions. "My way or the
highway" doesn't work in democracies.

And this is your reaction, final summation, to Herman Cain?

Of course not. First off, read the initial post - nothing ABOUT Herman Cain. It's about the voters' mindset. The rightwingnuts here can't read and comprehend words. Every post sends them to their canned responses. It's so much fun to tweak them.

Since we are far afield of the original topic ALREADY - can you identify any democratic corporations? Now, to limit the discussion, I am not asking if corporations are good or bad, JUST that corporations, by the nature of their charter are not democratic.

I seriously doubt there will be any comprehension of this post.