Re: {OT:} If I were still a republican I'd be backing...

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On 9/13/2011 3:49 PM, Ed S. wrote:
Amazingly, Rick Perry! He seems to have infinitely more philosophical
depth then the rest of the others combined. We may actually have a real,
old-fashioned compassionate conservative in our midst.

Trust me, he is a weasel. But so is Romney.
They are like dumb and dumber..
But...Either one beats the current userper in chief by a huge margin.
Hell, *ANY* of the current candidates beats the current resident of
the oval orifice.
Hell, even Hillary Clinton would be a vast improvement..
Shiite.. did I actually say that.. :/
It must be true if I did. I never lie.

She was my first choice back in 2008. If she were to primary Obama I would back her.