Re: {BS} Maxine Waters is an idiot

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First, she laments the schools in this country, then hints we need to
throw more money at them.

The tuition for a private school in New England is ~$25,000 per year, per

New Jersey spends $45,000 per year per student.

I don't htink money is the issue.

The issue is, thanks to people like Waters, the students are running the
classrooms and the teachers are powerless to do anything about it.

Waters' next brilliant idea is to thrust $1T into the economy.

All fine and well if the money is staying here, the problem is a good
chunk of it will end up in China.

How do people like this keep getting elected?

They represent poor people.

We'll all be poor with idiots like this around.

Yes, whether the money goes to the jobless & poor, or to multinational corporations, or hedge fund managers, WE will suffer the most.