Re: At what point should seniors say goodbye to the Rat Race?

On Monday, August 29, 2011 12:17:00 AM UTC-4, Miles Bader wrote:
"TibetanMonkey, the Beach Cruiser Philosopher"
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Functional bike facilities means that you can go from one end of
town to another

That is total nonsense - in my entire life, I have met exactly *TWO*
people who were physically capable of doing that, and they were both
hard core, semi-professional athletes. If "real" people are going to
use bikes at all, it will be for accessing their local neigborhoods.

In practical terms 90% of bike trips would be done under 5 miles, but
I've gone 20-30 miles just for the fun of it.

I think it is true that the majority of "everyday" cycling will remain
fairly local, but it seems absurd to say normal people "aren't
physically capable" of riding longer distances (unless the GP lives in
super obese land or something). One of the reasons people like
bicycles is that on flattish ground one can pick the exertion level
one wants, and at lowish speeds, the amount of effort is fairly low.

Most casual cyclists don't ride longer distance because it takes too
long; I think TM's also correct that the inconsistency of bicycle
facilities, making such trips unpleasant in many areas, helps
discourage longer trips.

I agree with TM that if facilities were improved, you would definitely
see a rise in the average trip length -- not end to end in most cases,
but people stretching their range.

Thank you. The solution can only be some state or nationwide strategy to make this a SERIOUS ISSUE. I think we are considered some kind of "joke."

And I don't find it funny.