Re: (OT) Bachmann wins the Iowa Straw Poll

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Logic rears it's ugly head though, and it is clear that neither
Bachman or Palin have what it takes to actually do what needs to be
done. Gingrich has what it takes, but he rubs everybody in the room
the wrong way. Kinda like petting the cat backwards. Gingrich,
logically, is the best for the job, but there is absolutely no
sentiment behind him.

It's too bad, because Gingrich is actually brilliant about 98% of the
time. Unfortunately, he has these 2% moments when he plays the wrong
card, like when he tried to excuse his infidelity by claiming "god"
forgave him for his philandering. Associating himself with flakes like
James Dobson isn't exactly a winning strategy either.

Gingrich has problems well beyond his association with Dobson. Indeed,
there is a significant base that thinks associating oneself with Dobson
is a good thing.

If you were a politician, would you associate too closely with someone
who turns religion into a big business? If Dobson's "base" thinks that's
a good thing, they aren't real smart, and they sure as hell aren't holy,
although they imagine themselves to be.

You're not making any sense anymore. You started out pretty good, but
you've lost it.

OK. One step at a time: Dobson runs a big business. True or false?