{OT:} Voter fraud committed by Wisconsin repugnicans

Once again, repugnicans caught in the act of voter fraud getting
recall signatures. No surprise there.


Recall votes gathered dishonestly
Posted on 09 May 2011

We are living in an extremely important time for democracy in
Wisconsin. Signatures are being gathered in an effort to have recall
elections for senators who aren’t representing the people’s needs.
Regardless of whether or not they should be recalled, recent measures
taken to gather these signatures have been less than honest and

A report from MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow last week stated that Wisconsin
Republicans made an effort to gather signatures in exchange for
alcohol. A group of women in a bar were approached by a man who
offered them shots in exchange for signatures to have Democratic
Senator Robert Wirch recalled. This is not how democracy should

What’s more, a professor at UW-Oshkosh tried to use his classroom last
week as a platform for gathering signatures toward the recall of
Republican Senator Randy Hopper. The professor, Stephen Richards, was
recorded urging students to sign the petition. He did not explicitly
say that they had to sign it, but the fact that he used his classroom
towards gathering votes is certainly not acceptable.

It seems that neither side is entirely playing fair at this point.
These two examples are likely just the tip of the iceberg; there are
sure to be many more instances of these kinds of recruitment efforts
to gather votes. Wisconsin has become a political tinderbox, and it
has people on both sides stirred up. But behaving immorally and
unethically just doesn’t seem like the answer.

We are living in dire times. Our rights as citizens of a democracy are
being stripped bare. There are honestly quite a few state
representatives who deserve to be recalled, who are serving as a cog
in a machine rather than as critically-thinking individuals invested
in improving our state in the best interest of the majority.

Many moons ago, it was okay to elect officials who we agreed with on
the most general of terms, without considering the bigger implications
of their election to office. Amidst our current political climate,
urgency trumps passive submission as drastic changes are being made to
legislation that will affect the livelihood of students for years to

Professor Richards’ motivations were more than likely to provide a
convenient avenue for gathering signatures from students who may be
apathetic to the cause or unwilling to go out of their way to sign a
recall petition even though they may have wanted to. The men buying
the shots actively went out of their way to solicit votes in exchange
for a bribe. Though both instances are a display of shady morals, they
are also demonstrative of the dire straits of the state’s current
political climate.

No matter which side you fall on, it’s important to voice your opinion
and make sure the needs of the people are being met by the elected
officials – just try to keep your integrity in tact while you’re at


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