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I don't get why they're saying this was such a victory for Obama.

He's the one that had to back down and finally cave to people
hounding him.

Obama says it came up two and a half years ago. Guess he forgot
Hillary, eh?

Well there you have it, Trump for President and Palin for VP.
That's a real dream team. Honestly, if that nightmare comes true,
you Americans truly deserve all you get.

Trump was very accurately described as a carnival barker. If he
thinks he
can leverage the US economy like he did with his casino-hotel, you
guys are going to be in for a really fun ride. There is very little
left to leverage because the Chinese and Saudi's already have the
country by the short hairs. Worthless fiat currency is all what is
left standing between
you and the wolf at the door. I heard him bragging on the Dr.
Savage radio program about how he was going to get tough with Asia.
If he follows through on his saber rattling, you won't have to worry
about how to get out of your next war. The winner will be making
that decision for you. The US is evolving into a Naples on the eve
of an eruption of Vesuvius, preoccupied with short term gain, greed
and lust -- willing to follow the loudest and most beguiling leader
who will promise you the moon, while disaster is about to unfold in
your own back yard.

Trump actually got Obama to do something he said he would NOT do!

I'm not touting him for President. I'm more commenting on Obama
backing down.

Stick to your guns! Riiiight...

Trump makes Palin look like a deep thinker.

LOL! I was expecting one of the Slurpers to say that!

I made NO comment about Trump's abilities...other than getting Obama to
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Trump can't make money with a casino. He might be worse than GWB when it
comes to bankrupting companies.

Yeah? And? What's that got to do with him getting the Chosen One to cough
up a fake birth certificate?