Re: Saw a Chevy Volt on the road today...

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The Volt had CA plates, was on an IL road a long way from home. The
had the hammer down, changing lanes a lot, trying to pass every car on
the road. My mental image of the driver of a Volt with California
plates is a crunchy granola type that traded in a VW Bus to get the
Volt, so I was surprised to see a couple that looked like they were in
their late sixties or early seventies!

I like the exterior appearance, about the size of the previous
generation Malibu.

Just before I saw the Volt, I saw a USAF C5 Galaxy and a Boeing VC-25 at
O'Hare airport. I think of the VC-25 (based on a 747, often referred to
"Air Force One") as a large aircraft, but the C5 dwarfed it.

The C5 is often referred to as "aluminum overcast"...


Yup, the plane I saw would definitely qualify.

Did you get to climb inside one? Not a good idea if you're acrophobic!
They have a narrow ladder that takes you up to the flight deck, and you
can see the seating areas, the berths and the flight deck up there. I took
a look out of an open window and was surprised at how high up in the air I

The one I saw was in a secure, fenced off area next to a shiny 747 with a
custom paint job. I didn't ask for a tour because I didn't think they would
let me in.


Ray O
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