Re: {OT:} Karl Rove says Obama was "born in Hawaii"

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Why do you think it's crap? Do you think there are no Republicans
things to hide?

Or is there another reason you think it's crap? Explain your reason,

They don't have anything to hide that would allow an unqualified
candidate to take the White House.

So doug's still making his impotent demands.

With nature abhorring a vacuum and all, I would have thought his skull
would have collapsed by now.

.....said the immature little twat who expects everything he says to be
accepted without question.

Seems to me that one who believes another is an immature little twat
resist the construction of a sentence where he actually calls one an
immature little twat because such a structure would reflect badly on the
who constructed it, making them appear to be an immature little twat. You
(once again) show how, "I am rubber, you are glue. What you say bounces
of me and sticks to you." Sadly, you are oblivious that you do this...

Once again, you demonstrate that you don't know what you are saying.

He's upset because I taught him the errors of his beliefs on so many
subject, Christianity in particular.

What proves his immaturity, involving the lessons I gave him, is his

Finally, he reveals the truth: He will forever be pissed off because he
thinks his voodoo is untouchable.

Religion is for the weak.