Re: {OT:} Karl Rove says Obama was "born in Hawaii"

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Well, that settles that. Or does it....

Rove is absolutely correct when he suggests that Trump (and others)
are falling into a trap by continuing to poke the birth certificate
issue. One after another, these knuckleheads demonstrate to their
followers that they have no solid issues to discuss, so they dredge
up the birth certificate instead.

What could be easier than just producing the original birth
certificate? What's the big deal? Let's get it cleared up once and
for all. Trump (our next president) is making a valid point and it's
not going away, the reporters and interviewers are the ones that keep
bringing it up, all Trump is saying is that if it exists lets see it.

The State of Hawaii says it has it and it is legit and it is public

Additionally, if there were anything real to this issue, do you
seriously think the Clinton campaign people would have let it go when
it could have helped Hillary win the nomination.

Here's a better question: Why would the Republican National Committee
let the issue slide if there was actually some substance to it? The RNC
may not be omnipotent, but it *does* have something to say about how
political battles are fought by various candidates.

One possible answer to the question is that the Republican party has a
few personnel with skeletons they'd like to keep hidden. In return for
not chasing the birth certificate too enthusiasticlly, the Obama admin
is leaving some skeletons alone....

You were doing okay until you got the skeletons in the closet crap...

Why do you think it's crap? Do you think there are no Republicans with
things to hide?

Or is there another reason you think it's crap? Explain your reason, if

They don't have anything to hide that would allow an unqualified (ILLEGAL)
candidate to take the White House.


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