Re: To His Lowness the Tibetian Monkey S#$% slinger.

"A point of view can be a dangerous luxury when substituted for
insight and understanding." Marshall McLuhan
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You can yell "Humperdink" all you want.

We're not LISTENING.

The Left has been and continues to be the party of SIN, SLAVERY and SOCIALISM. If you want to live in Stalinist Russia go build yourself a time machine. Don't f*** up MY Country (right now with B.O. ZO at the top it's got enough problems.)

Charles Grozny

YOUR Country?!?! Too bad we didn't go with a parliamentary form of government so all factions would be represented according to voter percentages. This fascist American idea that the winners change all the rules upon "winning" an election really shows how uneducated Americans are, and how they long for monarchies or even totalitarian forms of governments.