Re: Republicans don't believe in Global Warming

On 12/1/10 11:17 AM, Conscience wrote:
On 2010-12-01 03:05:10 -0800, Steve <stevencanyon@xxxxxxxxxxxx> said:

DOE labs are simply under contract by the DOE. They are operated,
managed and staffed by private corporations or universities

And owned by the DOE. T


Very good. Now your true colors are there for everyone to see. I see
that you removed part of what I said without indicating that fact.

And you say that environmentalists are liars. You're showing
intellectual dishonesty, at best.

"The laboratory became a federal facility in 1942," according the
University of California.

It is a federal facility. It is owned by DOE.

Nope.. still owned by the UC.

You're trying to reason with a True Believer. Good luck.

Nope, I am skeptical. That means I require empirical evidence. Never mind that the UC web site says that it is a federal facility and that the buildings are owned by the DOE (the DOE rents the space from UC). The lab is owned by the DOE, but managed by UC.

So, I am done arguing with someone who doesn't even provide evidence that I am wrong. He's not worth my time. However, he does show is stupidity when he can't even back his claim.

It is even says that the site is managed for the DOE and the buildings owned by the DOE in a site cited by Steve. (