Re: (OT) WikiLeaks is gonna go down for treason

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He signed an oath!? Are you nuts!?

The guy gave an oath to protect his country and they gave him a security
clearance because of it. There is no oath to keep a secret when you join
the military, there is a threat of punishment for NOT keeping the

What 'guy' are you talking about? Do they know who leaked the information
to wiki leaks already? Was he in the military? Where'd that come from?

Yes, they know.

When you work in government you sign a paper to confirm the oath in
writing. No I'm not nuts, but you sure are jumping to conclusions fast.

The leaker is military, he does not sign a paper. Not specifically anyway.
He signs a shit-load of papers and takes a verbal oath to protect and
defend the United States, including but not limited to keeping state
secrets secret.

So, all military personnel have the exact same level of security clearance?
I don't know the answer to that question, but it sounds like you do. Fill me
in, please.