Re: '97 Avalon heated mirrors

One more thing - you might want to talk to a glass shop about cutting
you a new mirror. The heating elements are not in the glass, they are
in the plate that holds the glass. I once had the glass replaced in a
heated mirror by a glass shop and it worked OK. Might not be the ideal
solution, but probably probably cheaper than buying a piece of glass
from Toyota for $34 + shipping.

"C. E. White" <cewhite3@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
The online Toyota parts catalog lists heated mirrors for US
built1997 Avalons. See For US built
Avalons, the catalog lists replacement glass. For US built Avalons
see They do not list replacement glass
or mirror assemblies for Japanese built Avalons, although the
section titles indicates these existed (but then don't list anything
for parts).

What sort of glass coverage do you have? I have 100% coverage on
glass replacement and it covers mirrors. My sister once lost an
outside wing mirror that was hit by a bird and it was 100% covered
by her glass coverage. Worth a check.


"Jules Richardson" <jules.richardsonnewsmoo@xxxxxxxxx> wrote in
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Wife has a '97 Avalon with a broken driver's side mirror (shroud
adjustment mechanism are fine, just the mirror's cracked). The
broken one
is heated (and the mechanism has a six-pin connector inside the
door) -
but all the replacements I can find online are non-heated (and the
mechanism have a four-pin connector).

I wonder if the wife's car has a few cold-climate extras (we're in
northern MN) and that's why her mirrors are heated even though
searches seem to suggest they weren't available for Avalons of that

Anyway, anyone happen to know if Camrys from that era share the
mirror? Maybe I can widen my search a bit; maybe late-90s Camry
ones did
come with heater elements.

(One other annoyance: I can easily get "just the mirror" part off
motorised section, but most places want to sell the whole assembly
at $$$
- shame there aren't any suitable donor cars in the junkyards