Re: {BS} Next up! Immigration "reform"

"JoeSpareBedroom" <newstrash@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote :

"Hachiroku ????" <Trueno@xxxxxxx> wrote in message
Meaning, "Let's get all the illegals naturalized and registered so we
can keep the voter base we just blew off."

This had better stall until Novemeber, and hopefully the Republicans
can hold it off until OBozo is de-elected.

Immigration reform is inevitable. Jason and Jennifer don't want to pick
vegetables, mow lawns, clean hotel rooms or wash dishes in restaurants.
Not for any amount of money.

You asked them?

The fact is, that los mojados ( the wetbacks ) are doing more than just
those jobs. They're building houses and doing all kinds of other jobs that
Americans would want. When we had this house built, the contractor hired
guys who didn't even speak english, to do the concrete walks, for example.
Think Americans dont want those jobs? They arent OFFERED those jobs.


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