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we haven't had no-fault insurance here for ~30 years. The state allowed
again in April.

People are going nutz with the new low insurance rates. I upped the
coverage on the Supra and am paying half of what I was before.

However, I read the fine print. The policies are for 6 months instead
year, and the insurance companies can raise the rates at any time for
about any reason.

This reminds me of the trend in food products, and one in particular,
It used to be that ice cream came in half-gallon tubs. Then the tubs
reduced in size to 1.75 quarts. (but guess what! the price remained the
The latest change is that the tubs are now 1.5 quarts...
but everything's still all right because the price is still the same!
Ain't progress grand?
In the same vein, our inflation figures come out showing that prices
increased only 1.3 % or so,
BUT they fail to measure the increases for two items....
FUEL AND FOOD. damn, but these economists are sharp as tacks! It's
like the shell game is being played on a national level. Just how dumb
do they take us for?

Most people get annoyed if their income doesn't keep pace with inflation.
food manufacturers don't increase their prices, how are *their* employees
supposed to get the same income growth that *we* want? Are manufacturers
supposed to eat the increased cost of raw materials, rather than pass them
along to the consumer?

That's usually how it works. But the pro-big-business whitehouse has
ensured that it's owners and shareholders who've profited. Employees
are doing more work for the same amount of money and the same amount
of money isn't worth as much as it was. Thanks, Bush!

I'd like 5 minutes in a locked room with Bush as much as you would, but I'm
not clear on how he had anything to do with cost increases in the food
business, and I'm talking BEFORE the cost of transportation got out of hand,
which he *is* directly responsible for.

How is Bush responsible "directly" for the cost of transportation that
got out of hand?

It's called the "war in Iraq". Try, for once, to look at the truth.

Please, explain how that works. There's more oil on the market than when
the war started.