Re: 2004 Camry air filter housing bolt

On 16 May 2007 15:45:07 -0700, therays@xxxxxxxxx wrote:

I had my oil changed at one of the fast lube places today and they
checked my air filter. Once I got home I double checked their work and
found the lost the rear bolt on the air filter housing. Does anyone
know the size of this bolt or where I can get a replacement?

Don't worry about the cost, even though it shouldn't be much - call
the local Toyota Dealer and get a part number and a price, and check

Then call the Quick Lube place and talk to the General Manager.
Give him the ordering information, and ask how long it will take them
to send someone over to the dealer, buy the bolt and get back, so you
can come by with the car and have them install it.

Explain the procedure to them just like that so you make it clear
they don't have a choice in the matter, because unless they can find
the bolt on the floor somewhere, they really don't. Sounds like you
are reasonably certain the bolt was there when you took the car in.

--<< Bruce >>--