Re: any recent air conditioning improvement with newer Matrix/Vibe?

mazeofliquidsmoke@xxxxxxxxx wrote:
Very cool. Thanks for the info. Doesn't sound like too big of a deal.

I have noticed that there was a change in the EPA mpg figure for the
Vibe. I've read that the original base models got 30/36 manual and
27/32 auto but Pontiac now lists 30/36 and *29/34* for the '07s so it
looks like they must have changed something with the tranny. Does
anyone know what year that change happened? I am interested in an
automatic. 2 mpg doesn't sound like that much but it does get the car a
bit closer mileage wise to it's more aerodynamic and lighter Corolla


Government changed the way they measure millage. I don't often fill mine
up, just put in $10.00 worth, so I can't tell you what kind if millage
I'm getting.