Re: 2004 Avalon XLS: replace cabin air filter?

Nope, wrong brilliant idea. The tee-head doesn't rotate, and really
seems glued to box. Exacto knife next to see if I can break it loose.
Seems like the wrong approach, though - why is something that
obviously is designed to rotate to line up with a slot "glued"?

JT <NgPoster@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Thanks very much for the advice, Ron. The 04 xls does have that
dampener on the right, and a cone-shaped stop protruding out from the
right side of the box. The stop is easy to get by because the box is
flexible enough to just pooch it in and get the stop past the 'wall'.
But the connection to the damper is my stumbling block - the 'pin'
that holds the box to the damper is tee shaped, with a wide flat head
inside the glovebox, at the moment rotated about 45 deg from the
matching slot in the box. Obviously all I have to do is rotate the
head 45 deg to match the slot, pooch the box in a bit and down she
goes. But the thing seems welded in place. Fingers and small visegrips
don't budge it, and dynamite is likely to cause collateral damage.

(Oh, the solution is probably to push in on the glove box when it's
closed - that angle changes as the box rotates so the hole and pinhead
may be aligned then. Probably have to take the face off first.)

"ron" <really good@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

We had an 02 Avalon and had to remove all the screws around face of
glove box AND a small bolt

We have an 05 Limited now and I've not changed it yet but it appears
to be much closer to my Highlander.

It has a dampener rod on right side of glove box - remove screw then
hold door up a bit (empty!) and push in sides - should allow the box
to drop down exposing the filter cover - pull it off and replace

There are after market (Bosch) filters out there but I prefer the
Denso if you can find it. Cabin filter here in Redding, Ca is 26.95 -
air filter is 16.95 both at dealer.

Hope this works (or similar to) your 04