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"All their players (France) tested positive ... for being a**
the seven-time Tour de France winner Armstrong was quoted as saying
the Los Angeles Daily News on Friday.

What's his beef with the French? I thought he was idolized there for
being a champion of their tournament.

The French have been trying to pin drug use on Lance. They are total
shits in my book and it looks like Lance agrees with me...LOL


Scott in Florida

The French. Beat by Lance 7 times. . . .

Charles of Schaumburg

I don't think they like being beaten by an American. Sore losers.

They are not too fond of anyone....

Seems everyone kicks their asses....

Germany comes to mind....


Scott in Florida

The English,
The Italians,
The Mexicans,
The Viet Minh,
The Algerians,m
The Hatians.

I think we ought to start a list of who HASN'T beaten the French. . .

The Quebecois,

Wait, they're French, too.

Charles of



Scott in Florida

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