Re: do any of you ALSO own a Jetta or Passat?

I have had a Volvo, a Jetta and a BMW.

I will NEVER own another Eurpoean car as long as I live!!!!
I'll buy a Chevy first!!!!!!!

Ironically, one of the most trouble-free cars I've owned was a Peugeot. And
I've owned a Renault Le Car, and a Simca many years ago that had no
particular problems,
except that French plastic tends to crystallize in sunshine.
Awful stuff. But the Peugeot was built like a bank vault.

Rented a Citroen C-3 in Ireland a few years ago and loved it....both my wife
and I agreed that if they were sold in the US we'd buy one.

But if you'd buy a Chevy, which one? The Suzuki? Or one made in Canada?