Re: OT - What's up with the Big Dig?

Scott in Florida wrote:
On Tue, 11 Jul 2006 19:01:38 -0500, "n5hsr" <n5hsr@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

There's some sort of news item about the Big Dig.

Right now it's being preempted here by coverage of the Blue Line Fire.

The Dumb O Crats of Mass have struck again.

The projected 2 Billion Dollar Big Dig has killed a woman.

btw the Big Dig has ended up costing pretty close to 20 BILLION

The Iraq War has ended up costing pretty close to 1 TRILLION dollars
(with projections).


One death (with due respect) and 20 billion... yeah it is a disaster,
but uh... see my stats up above. Did I mention the tens of thousands
of people that have been slain in Iraq because of the war?


Scott in Florida