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I want to have a full size spare on hand in my 2005 Toyota Corolla. I
sometimes travel to some pretty remote spots (Death Valley, Mono Lake,
etc.) that are some distance from the nearest sizable town and would
hate to be stuck with a tiny spare I can't go very far on.

Two questions:

1) To have a full-size spare, I just need to get another rim and
tire that are the same size as the wheels I already have, correct? (I
already have a large jack that I carry with me, and spare lug nuts.)

You don't technically need spare lug nuts. The flat tire comes off, the
spare goes on, and the same lug nuts are used.
Yes, all you need is a rim and tire that are the same size as the tires
the ground.

The only time you need "spare lug nuts" is when the car rims are
alloys that take flat-back nuts with washers, and the spare is a steel
rim that takes conical (V-seat) lug nuts.

You can not substitute one type nut for the other type rim safely -
they'll chew up the rim and loosen, and then nasty things happen like
the wheel falls off while driving...

Go to a local wrecking yard (excuse me, "Auto Dismantler") - you can
pick up matching rims off a wrecked Corolla, and the tires might even
have some tread life left in them.

If you find them, and they are a reasonable price, get two or three
and toss the extras up into the garage rafters - that way you are
prepared if a vicious curb ever jumps out and bends or breaks a rim.

2) Has anybody fit a rim + wheel for a 2005 or similar Corolla (which I
think takes a 195 size wheel) into the spare tire well. (I'd probably
get the extra spare and keep it in my trunk if it didn't fit in the
well, but I'm just wondering.)

Everybody has. Where do you think the flat tire goes while the spare is
the ground? Why don't you simply put the spare on, and place the tire in
the well and see if it fits? It has to fit because otherwise, people
are travelling with a trunk load of shit would have to leave the flat
laying on the side of the road.

You mean like a Corvette owner?

Well of COURSE a Corvette owner can afford to abandon the flat tire
and rim at the side of the road. They're made of money, right? ;-P

The cheap ones will stuff the flat tire in the passenger seat, or
the "back seat" or tie it on the luggage rack, and take it with them.

Or if all available space is packed they leave their wife there by
the side of the road, and put the flat tire in the passenger seat to
go into town and get it fixed. Got to have your priorities... ;-P

--<< Bruce >>--

LOL! The wife sitting on the side of the road is a lot less likely to get
stolen than a Vette wheel!

Ray O
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