Re: OT Crazy On You

What he is really trying to do is get the same addition to his checking account that we are offering to Iran.

Kim Jung Il has no ability to fight a war, certainly not one against the USA. His economy is in a shambles, and he needs -- that's desparately needs -- an infusion of cash.

He sees us offering a bundle to Iran, and he wants a bundle too. We gave him (his father, actually) a bundle in the mid-90s, and he promptly ignored the conditions and set out to build more nukes. Now, we are passing out bundles in Iran, and NK wants some. If we do nothing in NK, then we will be seriously weakened in our dealings with Iran. While "normal" people will recognize these two issues are not related, in the eyes of Iran and NK, the issue is precisely the same. If we give a bundle to Iran, then do nothing in NK, then Iran will not abide by the conditions under which we hand out the bundles. If we go after NK, and give a bundle to Iran, then NK will cry foul because we do something in one arena, and something else in the other.

Kim Jung Il has absolutely no interest in what is happening in Iraq or Afghanistan. He has a keen interest in Iran though.

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North Korea's leader ain't all crazy. The guy's trying to push the Bush administration into wrapping up this war we're in. He knows we can't handle two things at once.