Re: buying clutch on a celica

On Mon, 03 Jul 2006 05:28:08 -0700, Coyoteboy wrote:

Hachiroku wrote:
On Wed, 28 Jun 2006 07:48:03 -0700, Coyoteboy wrote:
LOL! Full Bore launches in an '83 Tercel AWD Wagon?!?!?


I'll tell you what. I went ploughing through snow drifts in that car that
were up to the hood. That clutch never smoked a bit!

Impressive. Mind you, dont want to know what the bodywork looked like.
Having run into a 1ft drift with my old peugeot and removed the front
valance from the bumper I try to avoid snow >3 inches these days lol.

LOL! The car was a rust box I sanded and bondo'd and painted BRIGHT YELLOW.

And, IIRC, I think I took the soft rubber valence off myself.

Took about 3 ft of snow to do it!