Re: Fuel pump relay & fuel pump inertia switch

On Tue, 7 Mar 2006 20:48:33 -0600, "Dalton" <durlt@xxxxxxx> wrote:

Anyone could tell me where to find Fuel pump relay and fuel pump inertia
switch on my 95 T100. The engine kills when I accelerate hard. By the way
576000 original miles.

Are you sure this is an inertia switch related problem? I thought
that once an inertia switch or rollover switch trips, you have to
reset them manually.

I'd think the first suspects would be a bad fuel pump, clogged or
pinched fuel system line, or bad fuel pressure regulator, something in
that area - when the fuel pump pressure and flow can't keep up with
the injector demand at WOT, it'll act like the fuel pump or the
ignition is cutting off.

I'm surprised that the OBD-2 computer hasn't set a trouble code.
(Check Engine light.)

Hook up a fuel pressure gauge (with a long hose) to the test point
on the injector rail, take someone with you to watch the pressure
gauge, go out test-driving and romp on the gas hard.

IIRC the fuel rail pressure is supposed to go up when RPM's and fuel
demand are higher - if it stays static or drops, the pressure
regulator has problems.

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