Re: OT - Bush could learn from Carter

Scott in Florida wrote:
> On 30 Jan 2006 03:53:26 -0800, "Learning Richard"
> <learningrichard@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
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> >Scott in Florida wrote:
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> >> NONE
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> >> NADA
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> >Then why did Gore win the popular vote in 2000? You can't argue with
> >numbers. Numbers do, in fact, rule, always. Numbers are non-partisan,
> >non-racist, and perfectly factual. That's why I love numbers so much.
> Because the Demorats got all the vote from jail birds,

I bet you have one or two misdemeanors under your belt after all these
years (including traffic violations)

> illegal's, and

how do "illegals" vote in anything even approaching the numbers
required to flip an election's outcome? Unless your Republican
Governor isn't on the job in Florida and allows that to happen?

> idiots?

Subjective -- obviously most American Idiots can vote legally, else the
Bush dynasty would never have occured in the first place.

> Please pick up your copy of the US Constitution and tell us how the
> President is elected....

hmmm. I'll leave that as an exercise for you.