Re: Checkup for Car

Might be time to change the cooling fluids (in radiator). You're going on 5
years with it. I would flush the brake fluid too (it accumulates moisture).

"Jeff Strickland" <crwlr@xxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
> With only 10,000 miles, there is nothing to be concerned about.
> The people that change the oil should be checking the other fluids, but
> you shouldn't need any of them in quantities to be concerned about.
> <Dorot29701@xxxxxxx> wrote in message
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>> Besides getting the oil changed on a regular basis (every four months)
>> what other things should be done. My car is 2002 with a little over
>> 10,000 miles. Do I need to worry about getting the transmission fluid
>> changed? No one has ever suggested anything except rotating the tires
>> Thanks. (I am assuming that the people changing the oil also check the
>> fluid levels. I go to the dealership for this).